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Do you supply boxes and packing materials?

We offer home packing services to make the moving process as easy as possible for our customers. If you opt for our packing assistance, we’ll supply the high-quality boxes and packing supplies needed to completely pack up your home. Our expert packing teams are available to pack as much as you require – whether that be a helping hand or to complete the job entirely.

Do I need removal insurance?

While our removalist are experienced professionals who handle all packed items with care, there’s always a potential risk. Accidents can happen during a move regardless of how much bubble wrap or packing material was used.

Do you offer cleaning?

Yes, we can. We offer additional services to make every step of the moving process easier, from start to finish. We have professional cleaning teams (at competitive rates) who can clean your home top to bottom, ready for the new occupants. We’ll also supply the documentation to prove a bond clean has been performed.

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