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Man and Van services

Man and Van services

When it comes to full removal services, you get value for the money. They’ll ensure that you get full services to provide you with a stress-free move. It’s a contracted, comprehensive service that’s also insured, helping to guarantee that your belongings will reach the destination safely. In addition to this, a full removal service takes care of all the hard work and heavy lifting. This means that you’ll never have to break your back lifting heavy boxes, as they have expert loaders and paid hands to take care of this.
On the other hand, you also have the option of choosing a man & a van service. The best thing about booking a man and van service when moving is that with this option, you also get personalized services. Like full removal services, man and van services are prompt and timely. However, it all depends on the company you decide to enlist. They’ll help make the move an easy one by providing you with services such as furniture collection and delivery.

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Disassembled and reassembled furniture

Disassembled and reassembled furniture

Disassembly and re assembly of furniture are the main concerns of the clients we work with. That is why we guarantee with our experience, dexterity and speed.

In addition to furniture transport services, Fast Any Moves Limited also ensures the removal of any type of object, even if this involves, in some cases, disassembly, and then reassembly. Our workers have a lot of experience, have taken and continue to take advanced training courses in the field of furniture, so that they know details about all the methods used to assemble pieces of this kind and more. They also have the latest technologies for these operations. The experience of the employees and the technologies we have help us not to have problems when it comes to assembling the furniture or dismantling the clients’ furniture.

How do we assemble and disassemble the furniture?
Very simple! Starting with large pieces of furniture that cannot be removed from the doors or, in some situations, do not fit in the elevator, and up to other large objects that can be dismantled, all are analyzed and the best disassembly-assembly schemes are established, so that the transport is carried out quickly, with optimal costs and without any incident, and the reassembly in the new position, exactly as indicated by our customers, can be performed perfectly.

Good to know: there are situations in which, on the occasion of reassembling and relocating some objects, one intervenes even to remedy some defects that they had before moving. We also have the technology and skill necessary to install pieces of furniture in the new location even in the absence of previous preparations (such as new concrete holes for the placement of bathroom or kitchen parts).

So, Fast Any Moves Limited is the perfect choice you make not only because we are professionals no. 1 in the field of moving furniture but also because all our moves are at the lowest price on the market and in the best conditions of speed and safety!

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